American Geriatrics Society 2022

American Geriatrics Society 2022

The American Geriatrics Society is a national society of geriatrics healthcare professionals dedicated to improving seniors' health, independence, and quality of life. This non-profit organization has more than 6000 members, including geriatricians, geriatric nurse practitioners, social workers, physician assistants, and more who "are pioneers in advanced-illness care" ( They help build personal care goals, encouraging interpersonal teams to provide the best possible to our senior population. 

We wanted to participate with this unique organization not only to showcase our excellent product but, along with AGS, to advocate for policies and programs that support the health, independence, and high quality of life that we all deserve, especially as we age.   

With every tradeshow or event, we try to learn and understand from our customers and business partners. This way, we have learned to improve our product to stronger and more reliable. 

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