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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the PhysioPedal come with the Large Comfort Pedal?

Answer: YES the January Special is Free Comfort Pedals with the purchase of any PhysioPedal.

2. Is the Battery Fully Charged when I get my PhysioPedal?

Answer: NO but your PhysioPedal has been Tested and should have the bottom Red Light ON and at least ONE of the Green Lights - Each GREEN LIGHT is about 1 Hour of PhysioPedal Motor Time.

3. How far in do I have to Push the Battery?

Answer: The Battery needs to be pushed in from the middle firmly until it CLICKS IN - this requires a slight heavy push. Don't worry you can't break the battery or the Unit by pushing it in.

4. What do the Lights on the Battery Mean?

Answer: Each Green Light is worth about an HOUR of PhysioPedal use, the bottom RED light is about an Hour as well. When the bottom Red Light goes OUT the battery is dead and needs to be charged.

5. Can I use the PhysioPedal while the battery is plugged in to the charger?

Answer: YES you can, the portable nature of the PhysioPedal allows you to remove the battery and bring it to the cord but if you want to have the PhysioPedal Plugged in and Charging WHILE you use, you are welcome to do tha.


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