Keeps You Active

The Best Cordless Motorized Exerciser with Pedals and Handles - Moves Your Body like a Physical Therapist, Helps You Stay Active Consistently, Safe for Seniors with Low-Impact Assisted Exercise.

The PhysioPedal assists both your Upper and Lower Body to stay moving and engage the Cardiovascular system. Removing the requirements and restraints needed to exercise consistently.

It Moves Your Body like a Physical Therapist
Designed specifically for seniors, the sedentary, injured, or post-surgery rehabilitation. The PhysioPedal has patent-pending safety features and provides a low-impact exercise in the safety of your home while sitting on your own chair or couch.

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30-Day money-back guarantee

Free shipping within the continental United States

3 Year industry-leading limited warranty

Effortless Exercise

The PhysioPedal's motor removes the requirements and restraints needed to exercise. Just step in and go.

Give The Gift Of Health

The perfect gift for your loved ones designed to help seniors get moving again while having fun.

Move Free, Think Fast.

Studies show that Passive Exercise Improves both your Physical and Mental Health
Get healthy with the physiopedal
Physiopedal will allow seniors to exercise anytime and at the speed and duration that best works for them.
Physiopedal is designed to allow for an easy and fun exercise for seniors. The exercise will help seniors to increase their range of motion and strengthen bones and muscles
Physiopedal is an assisted cycling therapy machine that is designed to help seniors exercise at home.  By exercising with the physiopedal, seniors will help reduce or control chronic disease.

If you struggle to exercise then the PhysioPedal is designed for you. Simply step in and press go! The PhysioPedal pedals with you, allowing you to exercise from the comfort of your own chair. Safe, Easy and Fun. Effortless Exercise!

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“I was so happy to receive this PhysioPedal by @nobol_official

Grams hasn’t had as much energy & there’s been more siting in her chair. This provides assisted cycling therapy so it can keep her circulation & body moving without much effort from her which will be just what we need as she progresses.”

Mary + Kris
Instagram: @lifewithgrams

"What's really cool is how portable it is to carry around, and you're getting your lower and upper body exercise, and it works at your abs, your core, your legs, and your calves, and it's a great all-around, easy-to-use, and easy-to-assemble workout device that really can go anywhere in your home, and it just gives you the ability to keep the blood flowing in your body, and it's a nice workout. Again, it's a great device; I highly recommend it."

Matt & Keiko Mitchell
Real Customer from Arizona

“This machine was so simple to put together. It seriously took less than five minutes! I love the concept of this machine. As my dad progresses with Alzheimer’s disease, he gets less and less active. So this is the perfect way for him to get the exercise he needs, even in the cold months or even when he doesn’t feel like it. This uses Assisted-Cycling Therapy, so it does all the work for you.”

“This machine was so simple to put together. It seriously took less than five minutes! I love the concept of this machine. As my dad progresses with Alzheimer’s disease, he gets less and less active. So this is the perfect way for him to get the exercise
Kameron M.
Instagram: @kameronsarah

"So we got a PhysioPedal for Grandma. It's this Cordless Self-Pedaling Machine that can really nicely packaged with hand pedals and foot pedals. We also got the jumbo foot pedal! I showed Grandma how it pedals on its own, and she was impressed by it. There are also different settings; you can adjust the speed, and you can also change the direction that its flows in. There are other settings too, you can pedal by the calorie, the mile the minute. You can also put a timer on it if you want to. I showed Grandma how foot pedaling works and she was into it! So this PhysioPedal is definitely approved by Grandma!"

TikTok: @itspyxie

“This is going to be absolutely amazing to have in our lives! I am a caregiver for Nana, and we just received a #PhysioPedal it is absolutely easy to put together and check it out. This is going to be wonderful for Alzheimer’s and Dementia; it's going to be helpful for living in Massachusetts and having huge snowstorms and not being able to go out. It's going to keep us moving, keep her active, and keep her legs strong, which is the most important thing.”

Melissa Philips
Taunton, Massachusetts

“My wife and I have been so excited to try this out! With her situation, I was surprised that she could cycle with the PhysioPedal on her own! At one point, she said she felt like she was pedaling, which was HUGE! Because neuroplasticity and making brain connections are so important, and this machine works perfectly for her."

Matt Cauli
Husband & Caregiver