Golden Age Expo

The Golden Age Expo is meant for businesses and the senior public. Those attending will hear expert speakers, do interactive workshops, and enjoy live entertainment, raffles, games, giveaways, job listings, a Grand Prize Drawing, and the best selection of products and services to enhance your daily life!  This expo is meant to introduce seniors 50+ to all the products and services available to them to live healthy, active, and engaged lives.

We’ve all heard many times that physical activity and exercise are good for you, and you should try to make them part of your daily routine. Numerous studies show the essential health benefits of exercise, which only gets increasingly important as we age. However, what happens when we can’t exercise because we don’t have the time, space, or energy to do it, or physical limitations prevent us from exercising? That is where we come in. The Physiopedal is designed to allow seniors to exercise regardless of their situation. It will enable them to exercise their upper and lower body while sitting and enjoying their favorite show. 

Our time at the show helped us better understand what seniors looked for in exercise equipment and what they do and don’t like, and It gave us a chance to showcase our product which was very well received. They loved the fact that our exercise bike pedals for you. All you have to do is set the time and pace of the bike. 

Chapman University's distinguished Stroke Boot Camp is heralding a new age of patient recovery and rehabilitation through an exciting partnership with Nobol, an innovator in health technology. The PhysioPedal, Nobol's groundbreaking cordless motorized exerciser, is set to become a vital part of the camp's rehabilitation program.

The Stroke Boot Camp is a unique, intensive initiative by Chapman University designed to accelerate recovery in stroke survivors. This year, participants will be introduced to the PhysioPedal, an advanced tool that blends cordless convenience and motorized assistance to provide a comprehensive and adaptable workout.

Designed to aid daily physical activity, the PhysioPedal presents a world-first in cordless motorized exercisers. Its dual-function motor offers gentle resistance in manual mode for active exercise, and powered assistance in auto mode for passive arm and leg movements.

Recent research has emphasized the importance of regular, motor-assisted physical activity in enhancing neuroplasticity - a vital factor in post-stroke recovery. By stimulating upper and lower body movements, PhysioPedal promotes neural repair and reorganization, improving motor function and mobility.

But the benefits of the PhysioPedal don't stop there. According to a comprehensive study on the effects of Assisted Cycling Therapy (ACT), the therapy is associated with notable improvements in motor and clinical function in chronic stroke patients. The study showed that ACT, which PhysioPedal provides, led to significant pre-to-posttest changes in all outcome measures. Faster cycling cadences seemed to correlate with more considerable acute effects.

The PhysioPedal's integration into Chapman University's Stroke Boot Camp marks a significant step in the role of technology in health and rehabilitation. This move underscores the shared dedication of Chapman University and Nobol to empower stroke survivors on their road to recovery. With PhysioPedal, participants of the Stroke Boot Camp now have an additional, effective tool to regain mobility and independence and lead a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Chapman University's Stroke Boot Camp and Nobol's commitment to health and independence through innovation are changing the face of stroke recovery. With tools like the PhysioPedal, stroke survivors have more power to reclaim their lives and rewrite their narratives - one pedal at a time.